Chattel Mortgage/Plant Equipment

Are you looking for Chattel Mortgage/Plant Equipment?

A chattel mortgage provides a financial solution that is typically used to purchase goods such as motor vehicles, trucks, industrial plant and other professional equipment.

The financier will take a ‘mortgage’ or ‘charge’ over the financed goods, which is released after the final payment is made.

What are the key features of chattel mortgage/plant equipment?

  • You hold the title of the goods
  • 100% finance can be provided
  • Repayment schedules are flexible and can be structured to suit your needs
  • Balloon payments at the end of the term can be arranged
  • A chattel mortgage may provide benefits if the financed goods produced taxable income
  • The term of the chattel mortgage is flexible (maximum term 60 months)

What are the major benefits of chattel mortgage/plant equipment?

  • You own the goods from the beginning of the contract
  • You can obtain the goods for a minimal capital outlay
  • You can match repayments to cash flow
  • You can pay lower instalments during the term of the contract with a balloon payment at the end

Repayments may either be in advance or in arrears


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