Refinancing Your Home Loan

Looking at Refinancing Your Home Loan?

Many Australians look at refinancing their home loan for a number of different reasons. The most common reasons include debt consolidation, reduction in interest rates, cash out, changing to a fixed rate, change in personal circumstances and poor service.

When refinancing your home loan for the right reasons and in the right circumstances, big savings can be made. However, when done under the wrong circumstances, costs can outweigh the benefits and you could actually end up worse off that when you started. It is important to have specific financial goals in mind when considering re-financing.

Green Light consultants can help you achieve financial freedom by refinancing your home loan to a loan that is appropriate for you, and your financial goals. We will also discuss the benefits versus the costs with you and help you make a fully informed decision.

Rest assured, if your Green Light consultant cannot justify moving or refinancing your home loan, they would not do so. It may end up being too expensive and hurting you financially, in this case, we would not allow you to refinance with us.

In these situations, your consultant may even go back to your existing lender to work out the best result for you, which could end up saving you up to thousands of dollars in fees and charges.

Your consultant will also help you, where possible, to restructure your loan, or simply show you how to change the way you manage your loan to help you to pay your loan off years sooner, and save you thousands.


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